Cultures and language policy

This seminar is based on translanguage practices: several languages ​​will be spoken or written within the same course.

I) Language, culture, cognition: Lucie Gournay (2,5h)

II) Imaginaries of languages, imaginary and national language

  • Spanish: Fabiana Álvarez (2.5h) « Diversity of Spanish, norm and glottophobia »
  • German: Benoît Pivert « German linguistic nationalism » (2.5h), Daniel Meyer (2.5h), title to be confirmed

III) Languages ​​in educational institutions

  • Approach of the didacticians: Joelle Aden, Marie Potapushkina and Stephen Scott Brewer (5h), title to be confirmed
  • Education in middle and high schools: the case of Spanish: Florencia Justo (2.5h), title to be confirmed
  • Plurilingualism at the university: Caroline Zekri (2.5h), « Theories, practices and policies of plurilingualism at the university: crossed perspectives »

IV) Languages ​​in the media: Stéphane Resche (2,5h), « What language policy for Eurovision? Reflexions on approaching ESC 2022 in Italy  »

V) Languages ​​in literature

  • Literature and border, substrate languages, colonial languages, languages ​​of European migration, border languages: Sergio Delgado (2,5h), « The poets of Paraná »
  • Inclusion and disruption of foreign language in literature: Elisabeth Vialle (2,5h), « The question of inter-language in British literature »
  • Hispanic literature in the context of mass immigration: Graciela Villanueva (2.5h), « The Representation of foreign languages ​​and accents in the Argentine Narrative and Theatrical Fiction (1880-1910) »
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