In collaboration with EUR du Grand Paris FRAPP, University Research School “Francophonies and Plurilingualisms: Language Policy” (ANR-18-EURE-0015 FRAPP), the FRAPP master’s programs offer three axes:

EUR du Grand Paris FRAPP is an innovative project of the research education, certified and funded by the State’s Investments for the Future Programme (PIA). It offers an interdisciplinary study of excellence in master’s and PhD degree. It launches a new scientific program based on the relations between power and language. The main goal is to understand the interaction models between language policy, imaginaries and geopolitical and biopolitical issues of the contemporary world by comparing different francophonies with other plurilingualisms.

The procedure of admission to the EUR FRAPP courses is made by the FRAPP educational committee and EUR officials. In addition to the Master admission criteria, it is necessary to present a research project and skills (internationalization, in particular) related to the scientific project of EUR FRAPP.

The students of the EUR FRAPP program benefit from a system of individualized and tutored educational contracts and can apply for internship and international mobility grants. The EUR also awards, on selection, annual scholarships for international students.

The EUR FRAPP program includes courses shared with the chosen program and interdisciplinary courses shared with the other EUR FRAPP programs of UPEC, such as European law, History, Languages, Literatures and Cultures in an International Context , Philosophy and Political Science. 

FRAPP interdisciplinary courses are composed of: 

– common core: courses in foreign languages ​​and research methodology, as well as the internship (which can be a laboratory internship), a summer university and shared seminars, including a seminar on plurilingualism and language practices offered by UMR SeDyL (CNRS-IRD-INALCO) and a seminar provided by the curators of the Musée du Quai Branly; 

– interdisciplinary or disciplinary seminars, offered according to the three paths: “plurilingualism in institutions and organizations”, “imagined communities and language policy”, “ethics and management of intercultural projects”. 

Information on the EUR of Grand Paris FRAPP and description of the FRAPP seminars: https://eurfrapp.org/en/master/

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