Call for 3 PhD contracts

3 years: 2022-2025

EUR du Grand Paris FRAPP (“Francophonies and Plurilingualisms: Language Policy”) encourages research projects on francophonies and multilingualisms and / or on the geopolitics of power, on the institutions and biopolitical issues considered through these situations.

In this context, it offers 3 PhD contracts (3 years: 2022-2025) for thesis projects falling within one or more disciplinary fields of literatures and human and social sciences.

Candidates had to obtain a Master’s degree in the academic year 2021-2022 or before. They also have to present a project that has been accepted by a thesis director of one of the University Research members of the EUR consortium: CEDITEC, CRHEC, ERUDITE, IMAGER, Lab’Urba (team “Inequalities, discriminations”), LIPHA, LIRTES, LIS, MIL (UPEC), SeDYL (IRD).

The selected PhD students will enroll at UPEC, and, in case of codirection, at one of the 3 Doctoral Schools concerned by UPE: Cultures and Societies; Organizations, Markets, Institutions; City, Transport and Territories.


The deadline to submit declarations of intent by supervisors to : June 1, 2022
The deadline to submit applications (please see details below) by candidates to Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 4 pm.
Hearings of candidates by the committee: 4 -10 July 2022 (provisional)

The results will be announced after validation by the authorities of concerned Doctoral Schools: from 15 July 2022.


  1. Master’s thesis (via email only – 1 file)
  2. Application file (one PDF file) including:
    – Application form download
    – ID
    – Official summary of the Master thesis defense (procès-verbal)
    – Academic transcripts of first and second years of master studies
    – Thesis project (4 pages)
    – Professional project after the thesis (1 page)
    – Curriculum vitae
    – Recommendation letter from the thesis supervisor
    – Letter of support from the director of the Research University
    – The thesis charter

The 2020 – 2021 recipients are: Mr. Dieulermesson, Mr. Gandigbé, Ms. Justo, Mr. Lo Castro, Ms. Mbenoun, Ms. Mezyk and Ms. Munoz. Congratulations!!!

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